Top tips from Herome’s hand-care handbook

Top tips from Herome’s hand-care handbook

Top tips from Herome’s hand-care handbook

Hand care is important, especially in the hot summer months, but perhaps all the more so when the temperatures start to drop. So, what is actually the best way to care for your hands when the seasons are a-changing? And what products should you use? It’s nearly autumn, after all: the perfect time to share our two top tips.

A handful of choices: Choose wisely

From ultra-rich and deeply moisturising to lightweight and restorative. But how are you supposed to know which hand cream is right for you? It’s often a matter of trial and error, but it does help to do your research first. Do you ever suffer from chapped skin or open sores because your hands are so dry? Well, you probably need a thick, heavy-duty cream with a high concentration of vitamins. Try our Cream For Chapped Skin, for example. It contains shea butter, a deeply hydrating and nourishing ingredient, as well as vitamin E and B5 to reinforce and replenish the skin.

In addition to using hand cream, you should also consider an occasional hand mask, irrespective of whether you have chapped skin or not. Think of it like a hair mask or a face mask; every now and again, certain areas require a little extra TLC. Apply the mask before you go to bed for maximum absorption whilst you sleep. Our cell-regenerating formula stimulates blood circulation and helps to soothe the skin. Great for when you’re short on time but don’t want to let the good hand-care habits slip.

Of course, some of us just want something we can carry with us, right? Something to pop in the bag and be on our way? Something soothing and moisturising, but not necessarily for chapped skin? Well then, we recommend the 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream or the Hand Cream Daily Protection. With the 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream, your hands stay hydrated and moisturised while also being protected against the harmful rays of the sun, namely thanks to its sun-protective dose of SPF15. The Hand Cream Daily Protection has a floral scent and contains SPF8. Use it as often as you like!

Sanitise regularly

Alongside your daily hand care routine, we also advise you to sanitise your hands regularly, not least because it keeps germs and bacteria at bay, but also because failing to do so could lead to spots and blemishes (for example, if you touch your face with dirty hands). So, make sure to always carry an antibacterial hand gel or keep one within reach. The Direct Desinfect is our go-to! It’s available with or without perfume and comes in either a large or small (travel-size) pack! Pop one in the kitchen or on the desk, and have another in your bag. Easy! 

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It just so happens that we’ve also written a blog on how to care for dry hands, which also includes helpful tips for your nails and cuticles.