Why won’t my nails grow faster?

Why won’t my nails grow faster?

Why won’t my nails grow faster?

Wondering why your nails aren’t growing that fast? Curious how much your nails grow on average per week? Or why toenails grow so much slower? We have answered the most frequently asked questions about nail growth below! 

Question 1: How fast do nails grow?

Nails grow as new cells form and push the nail plate forward. The speed of this differs per person, but on average nails grow about 3 mm per month. This means that it takes about six months for a fingernail to renew itself. For some, nails grow less quickly. Various factors play a role such as diet, occupation or vitamin deficiency. It’s also possible that your nails grow downwards or upwards because you have bumped your toe or have been wearing shoes that are too small. This interferes with growth and can cause them to grow differently.

Question 2: Why do nails grow faster in the summer?

In the summer we, on average, receive more vitamin D from the sun than in the winter, which is why our nails generally grow faster in the summer. Since it’s not summer all year round, we have developed various products to stimulate nail growth such as the Herome Nail Growth Explosion! 

Nails grow faster with the herome nail growth explosion

Question 3: Why do toenails grow slower than fingernails?

The less blood flow to the nails, the less they grow. It’s actually simple: our fingers have better blood circulation than our toes, which means that the speed of nail growth differs.

Question 4: How can I make my nails grow faster?

The lack of various minerals and vitamins can slow down the growth process of nails. Silicon, Calcium, Vitamin B7 and D are very important for nail growth. To supplement the lack of essential minerals and vitamins in your nail, the experts at Herome have developed a serum: the Herome Nail Growth Explosion. This serum is the perfect product as it has a double function: it nourishes the nail condition and stimulates nail growth. The product is also very rich in Silicon, which is a vital ingredient for healthy and strong nails. The moisturising effect of the serum also ensures flexible and strong nails. This serum is the perfect product for people who have short and damaged nails, due to nail biting for example. Do you want to grow your nails? Then apply one drop of the Nail Growth Explosion Serum to each nail daily for beautiful long nails! Do you need to stop biting your nails first? Then have a look at Herôme’s anti-nail-biting solution first.

Which products make my nails grow faster?

At Herome we have many products that can make your nails stronger and healthier. Strong nails grow faster than weak nails which is why it’s important to take good care of your nails by using the right products. We have listed our 6 best tips for strong nails. We also recommend checking out the following products in our webshop:

  1. 1. Nail Growth Explosion – Stimulates microcirculation and healthy nail growth.
  2. Nourishing Nail Oil – A pampering oil for your nails. The nourishing oil soaks into the cuticle to the root and restores from the inside. Say hello to strong and healthy nails!
  3. Hydrating Nail Gel – The hydrating gel protects your nails from drying out and keeps the nail healthy and strong. The gel soaks into the cuticle to the nail root and intensively restores the nail.

More tips and advice

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