Brittle nails? We have the solution!

Do you suffer from dull, brittle nails that break or fold over? Read our quick tips for stronger nails!
Avoid contact with water!
Frequent contact with water results in the constant change of hydration and dehydration in the nail. This causes the nail plate to absorb extra moisture and become fragile.

Protect your nails!
Dangerous chemicals, such as cleaning products and acetone nail polish remover, are extremely damaging to nails. Therefore, we recommend wearing protective, rubber gloves when cleaning. Furthermore, it is always important to use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. Acetone removes moisture from your nails which is undesired as they become extra dry.

Stronger, longer nails in just two weeks!

To strengthen weak and easily torn nails, use the Herome Nail Hardeners. Our Nail Hardeners guarantee hard and long nails within two weeks! Herome offers three different strengths:
• Sensitive
Extra Strong

The most common factor of soft nails is dehydration. Most of us regularly wash our hands which causes the nail plate to absorb too much moisture. Even worse for the condition of our nails, is when we come into contact with chemicals that are found in most cleaning products. When are nails are feeling soft, it is recommended that we use a nail hardener. Herome offers three different hardeners: sensitive, strong and extra strong. The Nail Hardeners guarantee hard and long nails within two weeks!

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