Six tips for stronger nails

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with long, strong nails. Do your nails also break easily all the time? Then, read our tips for strong, healthy nails.

1.Do not bite!
One thing you should absolutely not do is bite. Biting your nails or the skin around your nails can cause many problems. Due to the amount of bacteria on your hands, inflammation and infection can develop in the small wounds and broken skin. Try to keep your nails long for as long as possible and whenever you do feel yourself bring your hand to your mouth; think about all that bacteria you might put into your body!
2.Wear gloves
– Always wear gloves when you are cleaning. Cleaning products not only damage your nails, but also dry them out quickly.
3.Limit water
– Your nails break faster and more easily when they frequently come into contact with water. Nails are naturally soft and absorb water, which means they are susceptible to tearing. Make sure your nails are always dried properly after washing your hands.
4.Regularly care for your nails
– Give your nails a weekly manicure. This is an important step for strong and healthy nails. The cuticles should especially be kept well hydrated and properly moisturized daily. Healthy cuticles are the key to beautiful, healthy and long nails. Flexible cuticles promote the healthy nail growth and hands immediately look more cared for. Use the Herome Cuticle Night Repair daily to make dry skin around the nail soft and more flexible. Then, polish the cuticles by gently massaging in the Night Repair serum. This will stimulate blood circulation and nail growth.
5.Always use a hand cream that has SPF
– Apply a hand cream with sun protection in order to prevent damage as a result of exposure to the sun.
6.Do not cut
– Never cut your nails, but file them instead! Whilst cutting can cause damage, a file will care for your nails. Always keep a glass nail file in your handbag. So handy!

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