The perfect manicure in 5 steps!

The perfect manicure in 5 steps!

The perfect manicure in 5 steps!

You no longer need a nail salon for a perfect manicure! Besides choosing your favourite colour, preparation is key. Create a sophisticated look In just 5 steps! 

Step 1: Clean It Baby!

Regardless of whether your nails are already painted or not, always start with cleaning. Use an acetone-free remover to protect your nails from drying out. Remember; dry nails are fragile nails! Apply the Caring Nail Polish Remover to a cotton pad and clean the nail in one smooth motion, starting from your cuticles. This prevents any nail polish residue from going under the cuticles.

Step 2: Shape your nails

Did you know that choosing the right nail file is essential for beautiful, long and strong nails? And that a rough file makes your nails vulnerable? A rough or metal file will make your nail plates open, giving water, air, and dirt-free a free pass to enter. That’s why we always recommend using a file, such as the Glass Nail File, which is gentle on your nails. Hold the nail file loosely and place it under the nail at a 45-degree angle. Then file the nail into the desired shape in a smooth motion. Always file from the side towards the centre to prevent a sawing movement. 

Step 3: The Base Coat

Never forget the Base Coat! The Base Coat prevents the coloured polish from staining the nails. 

Step 4: Just paint it

It’s colour O’Clock! Choose your favourite colour for a dazzling manicure. Start painting the nails in the middle, with one brush stroke. Then carefully paint the sides and make sure not to paint the cuticles. Your first coat of paint is ready in 3 brush strokes. Let the first coat of paint dry thoroughly and for optimal coverage, we recommend applying a second layer.

Did you make a mistake? We’ve got you covered! That is why the Corrector Pen is a must-have in your manicure kit. Correct nail polish mistakes quickly & easily! 

Step 5: Finishing touch

Ideally, you want to enjoy your perfect manicure forever. That is why a Top Coat should never be forgotten.  A Top Coat protects your nail polish from peeling, chipping or other damage. Herome’s Protecting Top Coat will also give you that  extra shine! 

Tips and advice

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