The best nail care – Taking care of your nails in 6 steps

The best nail care – Taking care of your nails in 6 steps

The best nail care – Taking care of your nails in 6 steps

Nail care is more than just painting your nails, there is so much more to it! But how do you take proper care of your nails? Follow our step-by-step plan for nourished hands and nails. 

Step 1. Don’t forget your hands

When you talk about nail care, many people immediately think of just nails. Sounds logical, but did you know that nail care actually starts with your hands? Nails need enough moisture to stay healthy. When your hands are dry, this immediately affects your nails. Make sure that your hands are well nourished with a good hand cream to maintain the moisture balance and your nails will benefit too! 

Step 2. The right nail care products

There are so many different nail care products, it can be overwhelming at times. Everyone needs different care. We have listed a few products below with a brief explanation so you know exactly what you need:

  • Dry and dull nails?
    Do you suffer from very dry and dull nails? Use the Hydrating Nail Gel for intensive nail care. This keeps the nail flexible and gives that extra shine.
  • Dry, fragile nails?
    Do you suffer from very dry, fragile nails and cuticles? Herome’s nourishing nail oil restores the condition of the nails and keeps them flexible at the same time. The oil also stimulates poorly growing nails and cares for the cuticles. A big win!
  • Do your nails need some rejuvenating?
    Then Nail Perfect Anti Aging is the perfect solution! The rich vitamin complex of the Nail Perfect Anti Ageing protects your nails against the effects of premature ageing. A rejuvenating cure for your nails!
  • Ridged nails?
    The Ridge Filling Base Coat evens out an uneven or ridged nail plate. This smoothens the nails and makes them beautifully even.

Step 3. Take care of your cuticles

Don’t forget your cuticles! Dry or stuck cuticles can prevent your nails from growing properly. Before going to sleep, use the Herôme Cuticle Night Repair ‘Wonderpen’. By gently massaging the serum into your cuticles daily, you ensure that your cuticles are hydrated. 

Step 4. File, don’t clip

Filing your nails is much better than clipping them! Clipping damages your nails and causes hooks and cracks, which only weakens your nails more. Always make sure you have a file in your handbag, which is not only handy, but also good for your nails. Which file should you use? Below is a list of different nail files for different occasions:

  • Glass nail file (travel size) – The perfect tool for in your handbag or when travelling.
  • Glass nail file – Makes filing easy and corrects your filing technique.
  • 4 way Perfect Nail File – With four structures: coarse, medium, fine and extra fine, this file gives a different effect with each structure.
  • Super Shine – Not just for filing, but this file also makes your nails shine without nail polish.
  • 4 way perfect nail buffer–  This nail file has four different functions: one for the nail edge, three for the nail surface. The file doesn’t only give a shiny effect, but also files the nail into shape. 

Step 5. Do not use aggressive nail polish removers

Nail polish removers containing aggressive chemicals such as acetone may easily remove your nail polish, but they are extremely damaging for your nails. The chemicals absorb moisture causing your nails to weaken. Have a look at our nail polish removers without acetone for healthy and nourished nails. 

Step 6. Make sure your nails are well polished

Whether you have painted your nails with glitter, striking red or have treated yourself to a French manicure, make sure your nails continue to look neat and well-groomed. As soon as your nail polish starts to fade, fix it right away. With our Colour Revival Top Coat nail polish or Protecting Top Coat, your nails will continue looking great! 

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