The 6 tips for strong nails!
The 6 tips for strong nails!

The 6 tips for strong nails!

Do you want long and strong nails? Are you tired of your nails constantly breaking? Not everyone is blessed with long and strong nails, but there are ways to make nails stronger and healthier. Read the following tips to find out how to strengthen your nails and what to avoid!

Tip 1. Stop biting your nails!

If you want to make your nails stronger, there is one thing you should NOT do: bite them! Biting your nails or the skin around your nails can cause quite a few problems. Due to the amount of bacteria on your hands, inflammation can quickly develop. So, try to stay away from your nails as much as possible! We understand that it can be difficult at times, which is why Herome developed the Bye Bite. This anti-nail-biting nail polish is the perfect tool if you want to stop biting your nails. Herome’s Bye Bite has a bitter taste, which makes nail biting unpleasant. The product is enriched with vitamin E to strengthen the nail structure and stimulate nail growth as well, a great bonus! 

Tip 2. Wear gloves when you clean

Cleaning products don’t only dry out your hands, but also damage your nails. Damaged nails break more easily, making it harder to develop long and strong nails.  That is why we recommend wearing rubber gloves when cleaning and to properly rinse and dry your hands and nails after cleaning!

Tip 3. Use nail polish remover WITHOUT acetone

Did you know that nail polish with acetone also weakens your nails? Acetone is a chemical that removes nail polish, but also removes moisture from your nails, making them weaker. That’s why we always recommend using nail polish remover without acetone. At Herome we have various nail polish removers without acetone, and guess what, the ingredients actually nourish the nails! 

Tip 4. Dry your nails properly

Your nails break faster if they are often immersed in water. Nails are soft and absorb water quickly so make sure to dry your hands well to prevent your nails from breaking.

Tip 5. Take care of your nails regularly

Plan a weekly at-home manicure to keep your nails strong and healthy. The cuticles in particular should be well hydrated and moisturised. Why? Because healthy cuticles are the basis for beautiful, healthy and long nails! Flexible cuticles that lie smoothly on the nail not only look neat, but cared-for cuticles actually stimulate nail growth. Nourish the cuticles daily with the Herome Cuticle Night Repair to make the dry skin around the nail plate softer and more flexible. Then, pamper the cuticles by massaging them gently to stimulate blood circulation resulting in long, strong and nourished nails. 

Tip 6. File your nails

Filing your nails is much better than clipping them! Clipping damages your nails and causes hooks and cracks, which only weakens your nails more. Always make sure you have a file in your handbag, which is not only handy, but also good for your nails. Which file should you use? Below is a list of different nail files for different occasions:

  • Glass nail file (travel size) – The perfect tool for in your handbag or when travelling.
  • Glass nail file – Makes filing easy and corrects your filing technique.
  • 4 way Perfect Nail File – With four structures: coarse, medium, fine and extra fine, this file gives a different effect with each structure.
  • Super Shine – Not just for filing, but this file also makes your nails shine without nail polish.
  • 4 way perfect nail buffer–  This nail file has four different functions: one for the nail edge, three for the nail surface. The file doesn’t only give a shiny effect, but also files the nail into shape. 

Tips and advice

Do you want more information about nail-care? Check here our blog about the perfect French Manicure or how to do a manicure at home. You can also ask us a question via Instagram or Facebook. We are happy to provide you with personal advice!