Bring an end to ribbed, uneven nails!

The problem of uneven nails can be compared to wrinkles in the skin. Skin wrinkles often occur as a result of aging and dehydration. Furthermore, cell renewal is decelerated and the elasticity in the skin is reduced. Aging nails are thinner and more vulnerable to damage. Dry nails worsen this unwanted condition. Therefore, it is extra important to look after your nails properly – after all, we spend so much time looking after aging skin! If you suffer from uneven nails, we recommend these products that are designed to hydrate and properly care for the nails:

Solution Recommendation
Herome Exit Damaged Nails For extremely dry / damaged nails
Herome Nourishing Nail Oil To apply and allow to sink in at night
Herome Hydrating Nail Gel For use during the daytime, feel fresh!

The products above provide extra care and optimize the condition of nails. As the flexibility of the nail increases and improves over time, the risk of them breaking is reduced significantly. A disease or genetic condition can also cause ridges in the nail.

Ridges and ribs already in the nail can be camouflaged by using the following products

• Herome Super Shine. This file is effective in polishing and buffing away irregularities in the nail.
• Herome Ridge Filing Base Coat. This smoothing base coat effectively fills in any gaps in the nail plate.

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