Help! My nail has ripped!

We have all been there. One moment you are admiring your beautiful, long nails and the next second; you are burdened with a ripped nail. What are you supposed to do now? Are there any shortcuts or will you have to file down every nail? Look no further! The SOS Nail Repair offers the perfect result! Whether the tear is at the edge of the nail or further in the nail plate, the SOS Nail Repair glues and holds a ripped nail together!

How to glue and repair a ripped nail:
1.Clean the nails using the Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover.
2.Apply 1 drop of Herome SOS Nail Repair to the crack in your nail. Allow 90 seconds for it to dry and compress the nail if necessary.
3.Use the included Mini Shiner to remove any glue residue on the nail.

RESULTS: The nail is no longer torn, has the opportunity to grow and looks gorgeous again!

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