Treat yellow, discolored nails
Treat yellow, discolored nails

Treat yellow, discolored nails

The lack of a Base Coat under a colored nail polish and smoking cigarettes are the two main causes of discolored, yellowish nails. Below you will find out how to easily disguise discoloration.

A good base coat is half the work!
Use a base coat so that the color pigments in nail polish do not leak into your nails. Transparent nail polishes do not properly seal the nail and therefore cannot be substituted for an actual base coat. Furthermore, by applying a base coat your nail polish will last for longer without chipping. The Herome Ridge Filling Base Coat provides an extra smooth result as the polish fills in unevenness and unwanted ridges in the nails.

Camouflage discolored nails!
Use the Herome Natural Nail Whitener. This brightening polishes camouflages discoloration in the nail. The polish accentuates the natural pinkness of nails and makes the tips of nails appear whiter and brighter. Are your nails dull and discolored? Do you not have enough time to paint your nails using a basecoat, colored coat and topcoat? With the Herome Natural Nail Whitener, your nails look perfectly polished in just one minute.

Create shiny nails!
Often, only the top layer of your nail is actually discolored. Therefore, use a polishing file on your nails. The Herome Super Shine creates a natural look in just two easy steps! It removes dead skin cells from the nail plate whilst simultaneously creating beautiful, shiny nails.