Repair split nails
Repair split nails

Repair split nails

Split nails are annoying and can cause discomfort, especially when your nail gets caught on clothing. We have listed the main causes and solutions for brittle and split nails below, keep on reading! 

What causes the nails to split?

There are several reasons for split nails, read about the four most common causes below.

Cause 1. You cut your nails
A nail consists of three nail plates. Cutting the nail puts pressure on these three layers, causing them to come apart and split. That is why we always recommend filing your nails. It’s important to file your nails properly because filing incorrectly can also weaken your nails. To make sure you file your nails in the correct way, watch our tutorial videos to learn the right technique. Our ‘How To’ videos can be found on YouTube but can also be found on the product pages on our web shop. Check out Herome Cosmetics’ different nail files here!

Cause 2. Temperature differences
Temperature fluctuations and change between moist and dry environments are disastrous for your nails. This causes problems especially in winter when you are constantly going outside into the cold. Did you know that that is why your nails are stronger and grow faster in the summer? For those winter months, take extra care of your nails with our Essential Set Against Splitting Nails.

Cause 3. Hard nails
You will not believe it, but hard nails can be the cause of splitting nails. That’s why we don’t  recommend using a nail hardener if your nails have split. A nail hardener makes the nails harder but also removes moisture. If you have brittle nails or weak nails, use a nail hardener but if you suffer from splitting nails, it’s important to use moisturising and nourishing products.

Cause 4. Using aggressive nail polish remover
Many nail polish removers are aggressive and worsen the condition of your nails. These aggressive and generally cheap removers are often made on the basis of acetone, which makes them disastrous for your nails. Because these removers draw moisture from your nails, the chance of your nails splitting increases. Take a look at our caring Nail Polish Removers that don’t dry out your nails!

How to prevent split nails?

Now you know why your nails split, but how can you best take care of your nails to prevent it from happening? We have listed several Herome products that offer the perfect care to take care of your split nails and to prevent the nails from splitting in the future!

  • Herome Glass Nail File
    This wear-resistant glass nail file has a fine structure and helps ensure that the three nail plates that make up a nail stay together. Filing incorrectly, such as filing with a “saw” movement, is impossible with this file. It is important to file at least twice a week so that the three nail plates are properly closed again. An additional advantage is that this nail file doesn’t wear off, making it better and more sustainable than a cardboard file!
  • Herome Exit Damaged Nails
    The Exit Damaged Nails is the product that immediately repairs extremely damaged nails and is therefore extremely suitable for use after removing artificial nails. The product also restores the nails after using nail-weakening medications. The almond oil is rich in minerals and vitamins which nourishes and hydrates the nails. In addition, the vitamin complex helps to prevent the nails from splitting.. The Damaged Nail Oil gives the nails strength again and immediately improves the nail structure.

Prevent split nails

  • Herome Nourishing Nail Oil
    For healthy, resilient nails, use the Herome Nourishing Nail Oil. This oil with almond and lemon oil restores the condition of very dry, brittle nails and cuticles. The oil is of course also suitable for dry toenails!
  • Herome’s Nourishing Nail Polish Remover
    Many nail polish removers are aggressive and can even worsen the condition of your nails. These aggressive and often cheap removers draw moisture from your nails, which increases the chance of your nails splitting. With the Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover you can clean your nails quickly and mildly! This nourishing remover from Herome doesn’t contain acetone but does contain ingredients such as Lanolin and D-Panthenol that directly nourish the nail.

More tips and advice

Do you want information about how you can take care of your nails? Check out our YouTube Channel, Instagram and Facebook for more tips and advice and give your nails the care they deserve!