Make your nail polish last for longer.

Nail polish should be resistant to the occasional bump. These are our tips designed to help you maintain your nail polish. Enjoy nail polish that lasts!

De-grease your nails
If your nails are not completely dry and buffed, your nail polish will not stick well. We recommend that you clean the nails first with the Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover before applying nail polish.

Use a base coat
A base coat is essential and should be considered as a primer for your nails. After all, when painting a wall, don’t you also use primer to improve the adhesion of paint? The Herome Ridge Filling Base Coat smoothens a ribbed nail plate. Ultimately, the end result looks much better!

Use a topcoat
Apply the Herome Protective Top Coat as a defensive layer over colored nail varnish. The polish helps to protect both your nail and polish from harmful external factors. As a result, your nail polish will not chip and will be brilliantly shiny for longer!

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