Don’t cut, file instead!

The main reason for splitting nails is cutting. Never cut your nails! Instead, filing is extremely important in order to obtain and maintain beautiful, long nails.

Read the following tips carefully:
•Always file from one side to the center of the nail, not up and down. With the Herome Glass Nail File, a “cutting” motion is made impossible.
•Never rub too much away from the side of nails in order to prevent nails from tearing.
•Always use a file with a good structure, which properly seals the nail plates and prevents splitting nail. Using a rougher file may result in broken, angry nails.
•File nails at least twice a week to properly seal the nail plates.
•Place the file at a 45-degree angle below the nail.
•Always use your natural nail shape as a basis when filing your nails.

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