My nails won’t grow!

Nails grow when newly formed cells push the nail plate forward. Nails grow about 3mm per month. This means that it takes about 6 months for a fingernail to be fully grown. A lack of essential minerals and vitamins can also impede the growth of nails.

Long nails during the summer!
Silicon, Calcium, Vitamin B7 and D are all very important for nail growth. As we receive more vitamin D from the sun during the summer moths, our nails generally grow better than during the winter.

Your nails won’t grow?
To replenish a lack of essential minerals and vitamins in your nail, Herome Nail Growth Explosion is the perfect product. The Herome Nail Growth Explosion has multiple benefits. Firstly, the product improves the condition and growth of nails. The product is also rich in silicon. Silicon plays an important role in the growth of healthy and strong nails. The hydrating effect also results in a nail that looks and feels smoother. It is the perfect product for people who suffer from short and damaged nails – especially for all the nail biters out there! Apply one drop daily and enjoy nicer-looking, longer nails.

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