Everything you need to know about the Herome nail hardener

Everything you need to know about the Herome nail hardener

Everything you need to know about the Herome nail hardener

Do you also dream of long, strong and beautiful nails? Does this dream seem impossible because your nails keep breaking or cracking? Herome’s nail hardeners might be the solution! Keep reading to learn more about the different types, how they work and when you should use a nail hardener.

When do I need a nail hardener?

Before you start using a nail hardener, make sure you are taking good care of your nails. Fragile nails break quickly and this can be caused by different reasons: 

  • The wrong filing technique: A zigzag movement opens the nail plates, allowing the nail to fill with water and dirt. The water, dirt and air make the nails vulnerable, causing your nails to break easily. Try a proper filing technique first, you might notice that your nails become stronger,  making the nail hardener unnecessary. 
  • Dry nails: Your nails can dry out if they are often immersed in water and/or come in contact with cleaning agents. Working in the garden can also be damaging. Dry nails lack moisture and nutrients, which makes the nails split, peel and become extremely thin. Sound familiar? Try nourishing the nails with a nourishing nail oil before choosing a nail hardener. 
  • Acrylic nails: If you have just removed acrylic nails, your nails can be thin and brittle. The nail structure has most likely been damaged by the acrylics and the cuticles have also taken a big hit. In this case, take care of your nails first using the handy Nail Essential Set.

Do you still have weak nails despite a correct filing technique and care? Then the nail hardener is an absolute must! This is how you turn weak nails into strong nails.

Which nail hardener do I need?

Herome has 3 different types of nail hardeners.

Nail Hardener Sensitive
Especially for fragile or sensitive nails. The mild and effective nail hardener has been created with vulnerable nails in mind.

Nail Hardener Strong
The Nail Hardener Strong is the number 1 in the Netherlands for strengthening the nails. The beautiful shine of the polish also ensures an elegant shine.

Nail Hardener Extra Strong
For the extremely weak nails, Herome recommends the Nail Hardener Extra Strong. This nail hardener contains a greater concentration of active substances, which makes the nails stronger. This nail hardener also has a nice shine. 

nail hardener herome

How does a nail hardener work?

Each nail hardener has the same instructions for use and duration of use. Follow these steps to get beautiful, long and strong nails in no time. Beautiful hands and nails are possible for everyone!

Day 1: Apply a layer of the nail hardener.

Day 2: Repeat and apply a second coat of Nail Hardener.

Day 3: Remove the layers with the Caring Nail Polish Remover and apply a new layer of the nail hardener.

Day 4: Apply a second coat of Nail Hardener.

Repeat this step process for 30 days.

Tips and advice

Do you want to know more about choosing the right nail hardener? Or do you have questions about the nail oil or Nail Essential Set? Please send us a message via Facebook, Instagram or use our comment section.