Prevent torn cuticles
Prevent torn cuticles

Prevent torn cuticles

Healthy cuticles are the basis for creating beautiful, healthy, long nails. They protect the nails from invading bacteria, fungi and dirt. A ripped cuticle runs a higher risk of inflammation underneath the nail. These inflammations and infections are extremely difficult to get rid of. Often, it requires the external help of a doctor. Read our suggestions below to help properly look after your cuticles.

Condition of your cuticles
If the cuticle is attached to the nail and becomes too dry, the cuticle is more susceptible to tears. The cuticle is naturally elastic: they stretch easily and also tear if they are not looked after properly. To prevent this from happening, push your cuticles back at least once a week. Always use the correct tools and products for pushing back your cuticles. Without these products, the risk of horizontal rips and scars on the nail is much higher. Do your nails not grow? Permanently dry cuticles also affect the nail itself. All nails grow up and want to move forward but a dry, tight cuticle can prevent them from doing so. Ultimately, dry and tight cuticles inhibit healthy nail growth.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
People whose hands are submersed in water everyday as a result of their work, or who frequently come into contact with soil; need to take extra good care of their nails. It may sound strange, but soil dries out the cuticles and causes nails to tear. By using the Herome Cuticle Night Repair, your cuticles remain well hydrated and healthy. Treat your cuticles by gently massaging in the serum daily. As a result, dry skin around the nails becomes softer and more flexible. Healthy blood circulation and nail growth is also stimulated.

Essential cuticle products Working
Herome Cuticle Remover Releases tight cuticles and removes loose hangnails in a mild and gentle manner
Herome Cuticle Pusher Safely pushes back the cuticles
Herome Cuticle Night Repair Repairs, soothes and restores cuticles