Why is disinfectant hand gel so important?

Why is disinfectant hand gel so important?

Why is disinfectant hand gel so important?

Wearing masks, washing your hands, working from home… We are all doing our best to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Disinfectant hand gel is another product that shouldn’t be forgotten, and according to the health authorities, also shouldn’t be underestimated. But why should you use a disinfectant hand gel? And how do you know you are using a good one? Lots of questions, we have the answers! 

Why use a disinfectant hand gel?

Our skin is covered with a natural protective layer of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Also known as the natural bacterial flora. This protective layer is everywhere; from your skin to your gut. In addition to these good bacteria, there are also a lot of bacteria and viruses that are bad for our health. In some cases they can even be deadly!  They enter through the nose and mouth, which allows them to find their way into the lungs and bloodstream. Unconsciously, we influence this contamination process ourselves. The bacteria and viruses attach to the skin on our hands and think about it, how many times a day do you touch your face? Each time you do, you are spreading the bacteria…

In addition to washing your hands, a disinfecting gel can come in handy to prevent contamination. In recent months, you might have heard people criticising the use of hand gel. Using a disinfectant hand gel does indeed affect your natural bacterial flora on the skin of your hands, but it does not affect the protective layer. This means that harmful bacteria are still killed and good bacteria are reproduced. By killing the harmful bacteria, there is more space for the good bacteria to reach the surface. So, a hand gel kills the harmful organisms and leaves the good ones on your hands. A win-win situation for you and your health!

Disinfectant hand gel herome

How do you know if the hand gel is good?

During the Corona outbreak, the shops were overflowing with many different types of hand gels. Many new providers entered the market making it hard to determine which hand gels were actually good. With these two handy tips you will immediately recognise a high-quality and respectable hand gel:

Tip 1: Check whether there is an N number on the hand gel
The disinfecting hand gels that are proven to kill bacteria and viruses are provided with an N number. This means that the gels have been tested by an independent European company and comply with the regulations of the Biocide Act. This biocide certificate is displayed with an N number. On the Herome Direct Disinfect you will find this number on the back of the label.

Tip 2: View the alcohol percentage
The alcohol percentage must be at least 75% to work properly. The alcohol percentage of the Direct Disinfect is 80%. All the information is provided in our video.

When should you use a disinfectant hand gel?

  1. When travelling to places that are not hygenic.
  2. At airports, train stations and bus stops; places where many people gather, since the more people, the more bacteria…
  3. After going to the toilet to properly clean your hands.
  4. If you do not have water and soap available at home, on the road, or at the office then a disinfectant hand gel is a good alternative.
  5. During a pandemic to protect yourself and others. We recommend always putting a hand gel in your bag, on your desk and in the kitchen. When entering public places, the disinfecting gel dispensers are unavoidable, but these gels do not always meet all of the aforementioned requirements. So, with the Direct Disinfect in your handbag you are protected anytime and anywhere!

One more tip from us and the Dutch paper: ‘De Telegraaf’; carry a disinfectant spray in your handbag. This way you can clean objects such as your phone, door handles and other objects. 

So, wash your hands and use a disinfectant hand gel / spray afterwards. This way you know for sure that bacteria doesn’t stand a chance!

Don’t forget your hand cream

And lastly; don’t forget to moisturise your hands! By washing and disinfecting your hands often, your skin dries out, which can eventually cause the skin to crack… ouch! When it does, your skin is more vulnerable to bacteria too which we want to avoid. To prevent this, moisturise your skin with a greasy cream. Have a look at our full range of moisturisers here. 

More tips and advice on hand care

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