The Pre-Winter Preparation Guide
The Pre-Winter Preparation Guide

The Pre-Winter Preparation Guide

The pre-winter preparation guide

Getting beautiful nails and a radiant glow is one thing, but you probably also want to know how to wrap (and unwrap) presents, brave the cold, and create a ravishing and enviable make-up look as well. To be fair, we get it! December is a demanding month. Luckily, we still have a few weeks to ensure that we’re fully prepared. How? Keep reading for our three top tips.

Natural nail prep

Already wearing nail polish? When you take it off, give your nails some time to breathe (and that means holding off on a new coat of polish). By giving your nails sufficient nourishment and care during November, you can rest assured that they are well-prepared for the trials and tribulations of December. What’s more, nail polish lasts longer when your nails are healthy. And by the way, don’t forget to use an acetone-free nail polish remover when removing polish, as this won’t dry out your nails.

Up next: Let’s have a look at those nails. In what condition are they? Good? Bad? Whether in top form or needing some love, a nail-pampering moment never goes amiss. We recommend the Nail Essential Sets, which come in three variations (something for everyone). You can choose a set for either dry or weak nails. And there is even a set for those who spend a lot of time wearing acrylics.

So, now it’s time to get to work. To make a habit out of this natural nail prep, put the products on your bedside table and use them before bed. There’s a bonus here since using the products at bedtime allows for better absorption into the skin. Start by filing your nails into the desired shape and then apply a nourishing nail oil. Finish off with a good hand cream or cuticle oil and allow this to sink in. Repeat every other day.

Sanitize and moisturize

Ensuring healthy hands and nails is half the work. And in November, they require that much more attention. After all, viruses and disease-causing bacteria become ever more prevalent when it gets cold, which is why we recommend disinfecting your hands regularly. Try placing a little bottle of Direct Desinfect on your desk or countertop and grabbing another for your handbag. You’re already off to a good start!

Additionally, you should moisturize your hands as often as possible. First, choose a suitable hand cream; you may prefer one that is thick and heavy or a lighter one that absorbs quickly into the skin. If you’re past prevention and have chapped skin, then you will probably need our Cream for Chapped Skin. Are you worried about making the right choice? Then check out this blog for some helpful hand-care tips.

Holiday-themed beauty looks

Last but definitely not least: Make-up. Is your collection winter-ready? Let’s go through the list and check each item off: highlighter, blush, red lipstick, brow gel, brow pencil, and volumizing mascara. All of these things are a must. If you’re missing something, why not check out our catalogue here?

Make sure to get your hands on the products early so you have time to practise. And remember, eyebrows like Cara Delevingne don’t just happen like that. You want to choose a bold pencil and practise using an eyebrow stencil. When you’re happy with the colour and shape, feel free to start using a highlighter. Put it directly under the arch and in the corners of your eyes for a bright yet festive glow.