Restore Gaps easily

Restore Gaps easily

Restore Gaps easily

Gaps are most common on the hands, fingers and feet. These small cracks often are a result of very dry skin that bursts. These gaps can sometimes become bleeding wounds.

Cause of gaps:

  • Often occurs during the winter as a result of frequent and extreme changes in temperature (going inside and outside). The air is drier inside as a result of indoor heating.
  • Skin can become drier through frequent contact with water or detergents i.e. when washing dishes.
  • When your skin is exposed to pressure and friction, gaps can form. The subsequent thickening of skin is very dry and often leads to more gaps.
  • People that suffer from psoriasis are more prone to gaps.

Do you want to soften and remove the gaps in your skin? Treat them with a soothing cream that makes the skin soft and supple again. Choose from the following options for a cream that is most suitable to your needs!

Preferable use Intensity
Herome Cure for Chapped Skin At night on hands and feet ★★★
Herome Cream for Chapped Skin Daytime use on hands ★★☆
Herome Chapped Skin Foot Cream Daytime use on feet ★★☆

People that suffer from gaps in their fingers and perform a lot of their work with their hands also know that it takes a long time for these gaps to heal. The problem is that they are not given the proper chance to heal: one slight movement of the finger can be enough to open up the gap again. The Herome Cure for Chapped Skin is a richly concentrated cream that restores your hands at night.

Be careful!
Avoid creams that contain mineral oils such as paraffin and petroleum jelly. These ingredients close up the pores with an extra layer on the skin. In the end, your skin will be even drier than before.