Protect your hands from the sun
Protect your hands from the sun

Protect your hands from the sun

You use your hands all day, everyday and expose them to water, soap, cleaning products and… the sun. The latter in particular is a major culprit. The more and longer your hands are exposed to UV radiation, the faster the skin ages and the older your hands look. Problems such as dry and itchy hands can also be caused by too much sun exposure. What should you do? Protect your hands from the sun, all day, everyday!

UV-A radiation: responsible for premature skin ageing

The radiation from the sun is called UV radiation. This radiation consists of two types: UV-A radiation and UV-B radiation. UV-A is responsible for (premature) skin ageing and UV-B can lead to sunburn. Although your skin does not age immediately when exposed to the sun, it is necessary to protect your skin (and therefore also your hands) against UV-A rays. First of all, this reduces the risk of skin cancer and inhibits skin ageing: lines, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and loose skin. This doesn’t only apply to your face, but also to your hands and the rest of your body. So use sunscreen!

UV-B radiation: leads to sunburns

The UV-B rays in UV radiation can lead to sunburns. This inevitably happens when you don’t use sunscreen, but can also happen when you are exposed to the sun for a prolonged amount of time. A good sunscreen product protects against both types of radiation and ensures that your hands will not burn and the skin of your hands remains healthy, young and flexible for as long as possible.

Sun protection for your hands: all year round

Whether it’s summer or winter, your hands are exposed to daylight each day. Even when the sun isn’t shining, UV rays will always reach your skin – however it can be minimal. In fact, dermatologists and beauticians recommend protecting the skin daily with a cream consisting of SPF. For your face, we recommend a cream with at least SPF 25, and for your hands SPF 15 or 8 is sufficient. 

24-hour protection with Herôme: Protective Hand Cream

The 24-hour Protective Hand Cream from Herome keeps your hands soft and flexible while also protecting them from the sun. This nourishing hand cream restores dry skin, hydrates like no other, and improves skin condition within two weeks. The ultra-fine film layer that remains on the skin protects your hands against external influences. The high protection factor SPF 15 ensures that the sun’s rays cannot damage your skin. A must-have for in your handbag!

Hand protection sun

Daily sun protection of the hands

Do you want to protect your hands from UV-A and UV-B rays each and every day? Then you should have hand cream for daily protection in your bag. This intensively hydrating cream keeps your hands flexible and soft while protecting them from both sunburn and premature skin ageing. The hand cream is not greasy, has a floral scent and can be used at any time of the day, as often as you want. Good to know: this hand cream is available in a small tube of 30 ml, a medium tube of 75 ml, and a large pack of 200 ml. Handy to put in your bag, on your desk or in the car.

Scrub and protect for silky, beautiful hands

Your hand cream will be absorbed better once you get rid of the dead skin cells. You can do this by scrubbing your hands thoroughly. The One Minute Scrub, scrubs away dead skin cells, leaving your hands feeling silky soft. The nourishing formula moisturises the hands and nails and ensures that your hand cream does its job even better afterwards. Repeat this ritual weekly for smooth, soft and beautiful hands all year round.

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