How to protect yourself against viruses

How to protect yourself against viruses

How to protect yourself against viruses

It is only a matter of time before the Coronavirus arrives in different countries in the world. A far from pleasant thought! The fear of infection causes a clamour for face masks at DIY stores and webshops, yet there are other ways to keep germs and bacteria at bay. Forget face masks: proper protection starts with the hands.

A million bacteria

Most pathogens are transmitted via the hands. Around a million bacteria can live on just one square centimetre of skin, with viruses included. They get picked up and spread through hand-to-hand contact, as well as by touching money, door handles or railings. And of course, don’t forget the escalators at the airport! If you then touch your mouth without thinking, a virus can enter your system. Washing your hands with soap and water will help, but it does not mean they are sterile.

Direct Desinfect

To ensure maximum hygiene, you should first wash your hands with soap and water, and then use a disinfectant hand gel. By doing this, you have a greater chance of eliminating harmful bacteria and preventing yourself from falling prey to a virus. The Direct Desinfect Double Active by Herome does all this and more: It is a biocide, which means that it is proven effective against viruses and bacteria. It has even been tested on the H1N1 virus, otherwise known as the influenza virus. Due to its high concentration of alcohol, it offers better protection than comparable products. Say goodbye to breeding bacteria!

Avoid infection

  • Wash your hands often and disinfect them regularly, especially when you are around others. If you are (or have been) in a densely populated and public area, this is even more important. You should always clean your hands after using public transportation.
  • The most used surfaces at home or in the office are invariably the most contaminated. So disinfect the switch on the coffee maker, the flush on the toilet, the bannister, even your own mobile phone. You can use Herome’s Direct Desinfect Spray to do this.
  • Put the Direct Desinfect Double Active in your bag or keep a bottle in the car for when you’re on the road. It’s also worth placing one next to the
  • According to the Dutch Cosmetics Association (NCV), using a disinfectant hand gel is an excellent alternative to hand-washing when there is no water available.


Direct Desinfect Double Active by Herome also comes in a handy compact bottle (75ml) that fits easily into your bag or pocket. This means that you are always well-protected wherever you are. What’s more: thanks to the special formula, it does not dry out the hands but rather, it hydrates them. Within a few seconds, the gel is dry. It’s ideal for the bag or in the car; there is even a larger bottle (200ml) for use at home or in the office. So keep yourself fighting fit this winter — even the flu won’t stand a chance on your extra clean hands.