Help your hands through the wintertime

Help your hands through the wintertime

When you say autumn, you say dry hands, chaps and torn cuticles. Or not? With the right tools and our care tips, you can prevent sandpaper dry skin this fall and winter!

Prevention is better than cure

As soon as the temperatures drop outside, our need for heat increases. Nothing better than sitting inside by the warm stove or taking a hot bath. But that heat removes moisture from your skin. That is why your hands feel so dry and rough in the fall and winter. To prevent this, it is smart to always take cream with you on the way to be able to hydrate your hands at any time properly. Hand Cream Daily Protection is immediately absorbed and protects your natural skin flora. The 24Hour Protective Hand Cream protects your skin against external influences and makes your hands velvety soft.

Repairing cracks

Usually, moisture in your skin is regulated by a protective layer of sebum and fat between the horn cells of your hands. If the protective layer is affected, too much moisture can evaporate. With a bit of bad luck, you have a crack. And that’s no fun because these can be quite painful. Cream for Chapped Skin is a nourishing hand cream, including shea butter, aloe vera, vitamins E and B5, lanolin, bisabolol and allantoin. These ingredients soothe the skin, repair wounds, increase the resistance of your hands and prevent new gaps. Apply it twice a day, especially before going to bed, for optimum results!

No dry elbows anymore?

Our anti-cleft products not only work well on your hands, but they are also perfect for dry elbows and knees. These parts of your body naturally contain less moisture and fat, making them dry faster. Give them extra attention with Cure for Chapped Skin, a full cream based on avocado oil, panthenol and recovering aloe vera.

Get rid of torn cuticles

Due to a lack of moisture in the fall, you also run the risk that your skins will tear faster. To prevent this, lubricate preventively with the Wonderpen; a cuticle serum that prevents and repairs damaged cuticles. The ingredient bisabolol ensures that wounds heal more quickly, and it prevents inflammation. You will see results within a week!

How do you care for dry skin?

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