Give your hands some winter care!

Give your hands some winter care!

Give your hands some winter care!

Do you suffer from dry hands in the winter? During the winter your hands and nails need some real TLC. Read our tips below! 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Are your hands extremely dry due to the cold? Apply a moisturising hand cream regularly to keep them nice and soft!

Recipe for silky soft hands:

Experience our refreshing hand scrub: the Herome One Minute Manicure. First moisten the hands and then massage the scrub into the hands with light circular movements. Rinse your hands with running lukewarm water. Gently pat your hands dry and your hands will feel soft again! The scrub removes all dead skin cells and allows the skin to breathe. After the refreshing scrub, treat your hands with a nourishing hand cream. As the dead skin cells have been removed, the skin will really absorb the cream, leaving you with silky soft hands. 

Nourishing hand creams                              Suitable for
Herome Hand Cream Daily Protection          Normal skin (several times a day / as needed)
Herome 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream      Normal skin (once a day)
Herome Hand Cream Sensitive                      Sensitive skin

winter care for your hands

Stuck cuticles?

If your cuticles are stuck, they can tear and this can even cause bleeding… This doesn’t make the nails look any prettier, but did you know that this also influences nail growth? Apply the Herome Cuticle Remover to the cuticles to prevent these painful tears. Let the gel soak for a few minutes so the cuticles soften and can easily be pushed back with the Herome Cuticle Pusher.

Avoid sharp nails

To avoid sharp nails, we recommend using a glass file (Herome Glass Nail File). Always file from the outside inwards and never use a sawing motion! 

Good looking nails

After filing your nails, apply a polish. A clear coat is not very noticeable but makes them look very neat and shiny. Looking for a bit more colour? At Herome we have more than 300 colours, check them out here! 

More tips and advice on hand care

Would you like to read more about hand care or hand hygiene? Check out all our blogs or go straight to our hand care products for silky soft hands. Don’t forget to take a look at our Youtube Channel, Instagram and Facebook for more tips and advice to give your hands the best care.