Dry hands? Start using a hand scrub!

Dry hands? Start using a hand scrub!

Dry hands? Start using a hand scrub!

Dry hands? Have you tried all kinds of hand creams without any result? Our ultimate tip for your hand care: start scrubbing! By regularly scrubbing your hands, they will become silky soft again and your hand cream will be absorbed. Want to know more about why scrubbing your hands is important? Keep reading! 

Why do your hands dry out?

Your hands are the most exposed part of your body in everyday life. In the summer they have to endure the most sunlight and in the winter they have to endure the cold, rain, and wind. The transition from hot to cold can cause your hands to dry out, which can result in painful cracks and tears! Your hands are also exposed to various chemicals while doing the household chores or even when washing your hands. All these reasons can cause your hands to become dry and painful. Genetics also play a large role too! 

Common symptoms of dry hands:

  • Itchiness
  • Scales
  • Red spots
  • Cracks
  • Rough skin
  • Torn cuticles
  • Cracks

Your hands become so dry that the skin starts to peel. Not only painful, but also damaging for your overall health! A disturbed skin barrier increases the risk of infections and harmful bacteria or fungi can penetrate your skin. Proper skin care is essential, especially if you have dry hands! 

A hand scrub helps!

Do you find it painful to scrub your hands when they’re dry? This shouldn’t be the case! If you do this gently, with the right skincare products, it shouldn’t hurt. But what does it exactly do? Scrubbing your hands removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood flow and activates the production of new skin cells. The Herome One Minute Scrub is specially made for this and is the perfect hand scrub to make your hands feel silky soft!

This pleasant hand scrub is a mixture of salt and nurturing essential oils which stimulates blood flow and restores the natural skin balance. As a result, the skin is able to ‘breathe’, increasing the absorption of the cream. The name doesn’t lie, with the Herome One Minute Scrub you are literally done within a minute, so even if you don’t have much time, you don’t have an excuse anymore! 

Hand Scrub_One Minute Scrub Herome

After scrubbing your hands, it’s time to moisturise them with a nourishing cream. Below you will find an overview of our favourite hand creams depending on your skin type:

Nourishing hand creams                              Suitable for

Herome Hand Cream Daily Protection            Normal skin

Herome 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream        Normal skin

Herome Hand Cream Sensitive                         Sensitive skin

More tips and advice on hand care

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