4 Tips for Hand Desinfection Against Viruses
4 Tips for Hand Desinfection Against Viruses

4 Tips for Hand Desinfection Against Viruses

How do you protect yourself from harmful organisms? This has been a pressing concern globally since the outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020. The fear of Covid-19 infection led to a surge in demand for face masks and hand sanitisers, and the latter is particularly understandable. Most viruses spread through hands, making proper hand desinfection crucial in preventing illnesses.

How can pathogens spread through hands?

Most pathogens spread through hands. On just 1 square centimetre of skin, there can be up to 1 million bacteria. You can exchange these bacteria through direct contact with others, and even indirectly by touching objects like money, doorknobs, or railings. If you then touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth, you easily pick up bacteria. While washing hands with soap and water helps, it doesn’t completely eliminate the bacteria.

Direct Desinfect

To protect yourself from pathogens, you need a good hand hygiene routine. It starts with washing your hands with soap and ends with disinfecting them using a disinfectant spray or gel. This significantly increases your chances of killing harmful bacteria and reduces the risk of falling ill. The Direct Desinfect Double Active is the perfect disinfectant hand gel against pathogens. It is a biocide, meaning it is proven effective against bacteria. It has even been tested against the H1N1 virus, commonly known as avian influenza. With its high alcohol content, it offers better protection than similar products. Say goodbye to bacteria on your hands!

4 Tips for Hand Sanitisation Against Pathogens

  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly, especially if you are in crowded places or have been in close proximity to others. Always clean your hands after using public transportation.
  • The most commonly touched surfaces at home or in the office are the most contagious. Therefore, disinfect the coffee machine button, toilet flush, stair railing, your keyboard, and most importantly, your mobile phone. Use Herome’s Direct Desinfect Spray for this purpose.
  • Always carry the Direct Desinfect Double Active in your handbag or place a tube in your car for on-the-go use. By placing a bottle next to your home sink, you have a handy reminder for that final step. The Telegraph also recommends this approach, making it easy to cleanse your hands before, during, and after visiting friends.
  • According to the Dutch Cosmetics Association (NCV), using a disinfectant hand gel is an excellent alternative to hand-washing when there is no water available.

Bacteria Free On-the-go

Herome’s disinfectant hand gel is available in a convenient 75ml travel-size bottle that easily fits into your purse or pocket, ensuring you are protected against pathogens wherever you go. What’s more, its special formula doesn’t dry out your hands; it actually hydrates them. Plus, it dries within seconds. For home or office use, there’s the large 500ml hand sanitiser bottle. With Herome, you can stay healthy in the coming days!

Tips and Advice

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