Get soft hands for the summer – fast!

Get soft hands for the summer – fast!

Get soft hands for the summer – fast!

During the summer, dry hands can become an issue as a result of more sun, sea water and the beach. But, how do you ensure that your hands stay soft and looking beautiful?

Silky-soft hands in just one minute

As a busy woman, you probably don’t have time for an extensive manicure every day. With the One Minute Manicure, you can enjoy silky-smooth hands in just one minute. This natural sea salt scrub hydrates and cares for the hands while natural oils give nails a beautiful, healthy shine. After use, your hands smell wonderfully fresh, thanks to the citrus scent, so no extra perfume needed!

Tip! Use the scrub on your feet and the rest of your body, so you can enjoy your summer tan for even longer.

Protect your soft hands

Did you know that your hands also need protection from the sun? This will help to protect the skin against premature aging. Always use a daily nourishing and moisturizing hand cream with SPF. The 24 Hours Protective Hand Cream has a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF 15). It also leaves behind an ultra-fine film on the skin that strengthens the natural protection barriers of the skin. The scrub ensures that the other products can be absorbed more effectively by your skin. Even better news: the cream lasts the whole day!

By following these tips for softer hands, you will never have to worry about your handshake or that first impression with your neighbors, new friends or perhaps that potential summer flame 😉