Simple and fast silky-smooth feet

Make your feet look and feel beautiful with the Herome Pedicure Glass File! After your feet have been buffed, your feet will instantly feel smoother and softer. With regular use, the file also helps to reduce the build up of hard skin on the feet.

Herome Pedicure Glass File USP’s:
•Remove excess dry skin quickly and safely
•Inflammable and hygienic
•Has a coarse side for removal of dead skin and a fine buffer to polish
•Suitable for all skin types
•Also suitable for the sides of toenails

Our tip for soft feet:
After the feet have been buffed, we recommend using the Herome Daily Protection Foot Cream. This refreshing cream contains a variety of stimulating ingredients. This ensures a fresh, soft feeling that lasts all day. In short, it as an ideal way to care for your feet on a regular basis.

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