Removing calluses on your feet – three tips to get silky soft feet again!

Removing calluses on your feet – three tips to get silky soft feet again!

Removing calluses on your feet – three tips to get silky soft feet again!

Do you suffer from a pressing pain on your feet after a long day? And does it feel like your toe is pressed against the side of your shoes? Then calluses might be the reason. Everyone suffers from calluses at some point, but how do you get rid of them? We have the answer!

What are calluses?

The skin consists of several layers that produce new skin cells every day. During our hectic lives, we take quite a few steps. When we aren’t walking, our feet are squeezed into tight shoes. To protect the feet, we produce extra skin cells in well-known pressure and pinch points such as the sole of the foot, or on the side of our toes. You can recognize these spots by the white/yellow colour. Better known as calluses.

A little bit of callus is not a problem. It’s the skin’s reaction to protect it from damage. As soon as the callus starts to hurt or simply doesn’t look good, you can consider treating it with the right foot care. 

Different types of calluses

Removing all calluses on your feet is unnecessary. But if you don’t take good care of your feet and the calluses build up, it can feel painful and even start to burn. We will explain which “callus variants” are wise to treat. 

  1. Excess calluses: This is when the thickening of the skin starts to put pressure on the other layers of skin. The cell production of the skin works overtime, making the callus layer on your toes and feet thicker. Your shoes will start to pinch and walking will become painful. Eventually the callus layer can even tear. Gaps are created, giving bacteria and viruses the chance to gather… 
  2. Bunions: Bunions on the toes are especially common. Bunions appear when pieces of callus have grown attached to your joint.

How do you remove calluses?

Treating calluses can sometimes be quite difficult. Do you have a bunion or an extreme amount of callus? Then we would advise you to consult your doctor or to opt for a professional pedicure treatment.

In less extreme cases you can treat it yourself. To remove calluses on your toes and feet, you need the tools below:

By putting your feet in lukewarm water with some soda, the hard skin goes soft. From that moment on it’s easy to remove calluses. The Herome Glass Pedicure File is the perfect tool as it has a coarse and fine side. The coarse side removes calluses and the fine side polishes your feet for a beautiful result.

Removing calluses on your feet_with herome pedicure file

3 tips to prevent calluses

Tip 1: Avoid tight shoes
Heels are not recommended if you suffer from calluses. Due to the pressure and friction, the blood supply is increased and therefore the production of your skin cells also increases. So, swap your heels for sandals or nice sneakers. An arch support can also be a great solution as they help properly distribute the pressure on your feet to prevent the build-up of calluses in one place.

Tip 2: Take a foot bath regularly
A foot bath is a perfect way to take care of your feet. By keeping the skin soft, you can quickly and easily remove calluses. Try the Herome Revitalizing Foot Tablets!

Tip 3: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Dry skin also speeds up the development of calluses. Regularly hydrate your feet with a cream such as the Daily Protective Foot Cream from Herome.

Tips and advice

Looking for more tips and advice on foot care? Read our step-by-step plan for the best foot care here. Don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel, Instagram and Facebook for more tips and advice so you can give your feet the best care!