Step-by-step guide to footcare treatments

Dry skin, calluses and chapped heels characterize “neglected” feet. Follow these steps for beautiful feet that deserve to be showed off.

Foot Care Plan:

1.Start with a wonderfully relaxing footbath with bubbling tablets. This creates feet that feel nicely soft.
2.Then: scrub! Scrub your dead skin cells away.
3.If you have a lot of dead skin on your feet, use a nail file.
4.After filing, it is a good idea to moisturize your feet with a nourishing foot cream. Spread on the moisturizer extra thick and allow the cream to properly soak in. Follow this step preferably at night as the skin has a higher absorption capacity!
5.Moisturize your toenails with oil. Opt for the Herome Cuticle Night Repair.
6.Push your cuticles back carefully.
7.Carefully file and shape your nails. Use the Herome Pedicure Glass File!
8.Choose from one of our trendy Take Away Nail Colors on your toenails. Just use a base coat, then paint on two layers of color and finish with a topcoat. This will result in nail polish that lasts and remains extra beautiful and long!

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