Five Summer Essentials for Home and Away

Five Summer Essentials for Home and Away

Five Summer Essentials for Home and Away

Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical island, planning a city trip or just putting your feet up at home, we have the perfect beauty products for you. One will have your nails gleaming while the other will deeply nourish them. And what’s more, each of these products will fit neatly into your handbag (or hand luggage).

1. Colour Revival

A day of sunbathing, hiking or shopping can cause the colour of your polish to fade. Not ideal if you’re planning to meet friends that evening and want to flaunt those strappy sandals. But here’s a tip: coat your nails with the Colour Revival. It restores the vibrancy in a matter of moments and even covers up the nicks and scratches.

2. One Minute Scrub

Put it by the sink. Not only will this ensure silky soft hands, but it will also make your guests very happy. Wash, exfoliate and restore your hands with the One Minute Scrub. It has a citrusy aroma (orange and lemon, to be specific), which smells divine. Be sure to use it regularly to keep that summer tan looking fresh. Plus, you can even use the One Minute Scrub for your feet.

3. Direct Desinfect

You know the feeling: those clammy hands after leaving the aeroplane, getting off the bus or having sat in a car for too long. Wherever you’re going,  the Direct Desinfect will have you covered. Put it in your bag or within easy reach to keep bacteria (and bad smells) at bay.

4. Highlighters

When temperatures soar above the 25-degree mark, we prefer not to hang around for too long indoors. Without hesitation, we grab our things and go outside, often leaving little time for a full face of make-up. But did you know that a simple highlighter can give you a beautiful dewy glow? A fresh look during the day and a subtle yet sexy shine in the evening.

5. Pedicure File

One side buffs the feet; the other makes hard skin and calluses a thing of the past. After using the Pedicure File made of glass, you will have velvety soft feet. It is durable and easy to clean. Plus, softness guaranteed

If your hands (or feet) start to dry out when the weather is hot, you might want to nourish them with our rich creams. For now, just book yourself something! And have a great trip!