Create full eyebrows fast

Do you want to get ready and out the door quickly but not entirely barefaced? Simply and quickly, fill in and draw your eyebrows with one of the Herome Brow Pencils. Choose a pencil that is slightly darker than your own eyebrows. Are your eyebrows already dark? Then, of course, this is not necessary.

Determine the shape of eyebrows

Do you find it difficult to determine the shape of your eyebrows by yourself? Use the Herome Brow Stencils for the perfect shape. Hold the template up to your eyebrow and simply fill in with one of the Herome Brow Pencils. Using one of the four different templates, you can easily fill in your eyebrows. This tool provides a suitable template for every facial shape helping you to properly accentuate the natural shape of your eyebrow.

Instant Facelift

For an instant facelift, use one of the Herome Highlighters. These highlighters accentuate and create eyes that look clear, fresh and awake. Make your eyes look bigger and beautiful! There are 3 different shades that create a natural-looking effect: Silk, Sundew and Sahara.

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