Smoky eyes in 5 steps

Smoky eyes give everyone a chic and sexy look.

Follow these simple steps to create a smoky eye look for yourself.

1.Start with eyeliner. Draw a line above your eyelashes, with a thickening line towards your outer eyelashes. Instead of using an eyeliner, you can also opt for an eye pencil instead.
2.Use three different colors of eye shadow (black, gray and brown). Begin with the lightest color just below your eyebrow and at your inner eye.
3.Use a slight darker color (the middle of the three) on the rest of your eye. Apply this color to your entire eyelid and slightly above it.
4.The darkest color should be used for the outer edge of your eyelid. Apply this to your outer corner of the eye towards the end of your eyebrow. With the darkest color you can also fill in a thin line on your lower lashes.
5.Give your smoky eyes the finishing touch with mascara. And, you’re ready to party 🙂

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