The importance of makeup remover: our top tips for sensitive eyes

The importance of makeup remover: our top tips for sensitive eyes

The importance of makeup remover: our top tips for sensitive eyes

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is one of the thinnest, most sensitive areas of your body? This is why it is very important that you use the right products to remove your eye makeup. Read our top 4 tips about how to remove your eye makeup and prevent eye and skin irritations below.

Use the right makeup remover

As the skin around the eyes is the thinnest most sensitive area of your body, it is very important to avoid aggressive products that contain alcohol. Makeup removers with alcohol dry out your skin and can cause irritations. The best eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes is therefore often a soft, moisturizing eye lotion or eye gel. These products have a moisturizing effect and also cleanse your skin. Our skin-friendly Herome Make-Up Remover is a perfect example of an eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes. This remover doesn’t leave a greasy layer which is why it is very suitable for people who wear contact lenses. We also have our eye Makeup Remover Pads, perfect for when you go on holiday and practical for on the go.

Makeup remover sensitive eyes

Our top 4 tips for 

Tip 1. Wash with lukewarm water
Always wash your eyes with lukewarm water. Hot water isn’t great for the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Tip 2. Remove all your makeup!
Make sure to remove all your eye makeup before going to sleep. If you go to sleep with mascara on, you risk breaking your eyelashes.

Tip 3. Eyelash care
After removing mascara, use the Herome Eyelash Care Gel. This is a nourishing balm for your eyelashes. The result: visibly fuller, longer and more beautiful lashes. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

Tip 4. Use products especially for sensitive eyes
Do you have sensitive eyes? Then it is also important that you use the right makeup products. Are you looking for a new mascara? Give our Brilliant Mascara from Herôme  a try. This mascara gives volume and nourishes your lashes at the same time.

Tips and advice

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