Restore Gaps easily

Gaps are most common on the hands, fingers and feet. These small cracks often are a result of very dry skin that bursts. These gaps can sometimes become bleeding wounds. Cause of gaps: Often occurs during the winter as a result of frequent and extreme changes in temperature (going inside and outside). The air is…Read more

Prevent torn cuticles

Healthy cuticles are the basis for creating beautiful, healthy, long nails. They protect the nails from invading bacteria, fungi and dirt. A ripped cuticle runs a higher risk of inflammation underneath the nail. These inflammations and infections are extremely difficult to get rid of. Often, it requires the external help of a doctor. Read our…Read more

My nails won’t grow!

Nails grow when newly formed cells push the nail plate forward. Nails grow about 3mm per month. This means that it takes about 6 months for a fingernail to be fully grown. A lack of essential minerals and vitamins can also impede the growth of nails. Long nails during the summer! Silicon, Calcium, Vitamin B7…Read more

Make your nail polish last for longer. 

Nail polish should be resistant to the occasional bump. These are our tips designed to help you maintain your nail polish. Enjoy nail polish that lasts! De-grease your nails If your nails are not completely dry and buffed, your nail polish will not stick well. We recommend that you clean the nails first with the…Read more

Syrupy nail polish no more!

Nail polish often contains solvents and varnishes. When we paint our nails, solvents evaporate, which means that the polish dries quickly and becomes hard. To ensure that this does not happen, it is important to follow these tips: To prevent thickening nail polish: Keep the vial open for as short as possible. This prevents solvent…Read more

Brittle nails? We have the solution!

Do you suffer from dull, brittle nails that break or fold over? Read our quick tips for stronger nails! Avoid contact with water! Frequent contact with water results in the constant change of hydration and dehydration in the nail. This causes the nail plate to absorb extra moisture and become fragile. Protect your nails! Dangerous…Read more

Repair nails after the removal of artificial nails 

Artificial nails damage your own nails especially when it comes to their removal. There are several ways to remove artificial nails: Especially aggressive cleaning cloths can be extremely harmful to your nails Filing that takes away too much of the nail Picking and pulling off artificial nails can also dangerously pull off parts of your…Read more

Treat yellow, discolored nails

The lack of a Base Coat under a colored nail polish and smoking cigarettes are the two main causes of discolored, yellowish nails. Below you will find out how to easily disguise discoloration. A good base coat is half the work! Use a base coat so that the color pigments in nail polish do not…Read more

Help! My nail has ripped! 

We have all been there. One moment you are admiring your beautiful, long nails and the next second; you are burdened with a ripped nail. What are you supposed to do now? Are there any shortcuts or will you have to file down every nail? Look no further! The SOS Nail Repair offers the perfect…Read more

Bring an end to ribbed, uneven nails!

The problem of uneven nails can be compared to wrinkles in the skin. Skin wrinkles often occur as a result of aging and dehydration. Furthermore, cell renewal is decelerated and the elasticity in the skin is reduced. Aging nails are thinner and more vulnerable to damage. Dry nails worsen this unwanted condition. Therefore, it is…Read more

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