The perfect home manicure in 5 simple steps!

The perfect home manicure in 5 simple steps!

Do you want beautiful nails without having to go to the nail salon? Follow our 5 easy steps. And guess what? You can do it all at home!

Step 1: Wash your hands and nails

A clean start is very important, which is why you should always start with washing your hands. Use our disinfecting hand gel or spray to kill all bacteria before you start your home manicure.

Next, clean your nails with an acetone-free remover and remove the last bits of nail polish. Even if you don’t wear nail polish, don’t forget this step. Use the Caring Nail Polish Remover  to make the nails grease-free. This helps the nail polish to stick and prevents bubbles in your freshly painted nails.

Step 2: File the nails

Did you know that the right file is essential for a beautiful and well-maintained manicure? Many people make a sawing movement while filing, or even clip the nails. Both cause the  nail plates to separate from each other. Air and dirt have free access which makes your nails more vulnerable causing them to  break or tear faster. The special structure of the Herome Glass Nail File prevents this. And on top of that, the file is incredibly resistant and therefore extremely durable. Simply wash it after use and it will be clean and ready for your next home manicure!

Do you suffer from ridges on your nail plate? Or are you not allowed to wear nail polish to work? Then the Super Shine File is a must! First, you level the nail plate to then give your nails a nice shine. This way you can easily create a natural look. View our extensive range of files in the webshop! We have the perfect match for everyone. Do you have questions or do you want advice? Send us a message on social media or just contact us. 

Nagels vijlen met glasvijl

Step 3: Push back the cuticles

An unmissable part of your home manicure is pushing back the cuticles. If you don’t do this, your cuticles can get stuck on the nail plate, dry out and can even tear. Which of course, you want to avoid. Pushing back the cuticles stimulates nail growth and prevents the cuticles from getting irritated. But be careful, don’t do this more than once a week.

Use the Cuticle Remover to loosen the stuck cuticles. Then you can push back the cuticles with the Cuticle Pusher from Herome. Easy right?

Step 4: Paint it!

And now the best part of the home manicure: choosing the nail polish! With over 200 colours, Herome has the right colour for every outfit and occasion. The different Nail Polishes are vegan and oxygen permeable. With one bottle you can paint your nails about 10 times! 

Don’t like a coloured polish? Then try the Natural Nail Whitener.  This clear polish accentuates the pink colour of your nail bed and makes your nail edges even whiter.

Check out our YouTube channel for more tips on painting your nails!

Home manicure musthave_herome nail polish

Step 5: Don’t forget your hands

After the nail polish has dried, you can apply a nourishing hand cream. Due to frequent hand washing, cold wind and dry air from the heating, your hands can dry out quickly. Dry skin can break, causing cuts and irritations which is why we always recommend adding a hand cream to your home manicure set. 

The cuticles are also prone to drying out. Use the Cuticle Night Repair Pen to nourish them before going to sleep. This miracle pen repairs, hydrates and strengthens the cuticles. Say goodbye to cuts and irritations – beautiful hands and nails are possible for everyone!

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More tips and advice

Are you looking for new nail polish colours to give your hands a new look? Will it be glitter, a French manicure or striking red? Take a look at our webshop for the latest colours from Herome! And don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel, Instagram and Facebook for more tips and advice so you can give your feet the best care!