WIC Oxy Power Top Coat


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There is nothing more frustrating than nail polish that peels off quickly. This protective top coat protects your nails from damage and your nail polish will last longer.

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The finishing touch: the WIC Oxy Power Top Coat. The hard protective layer protects your nails from damage, intensifies the colour of your nail polish and provides a glossy effect. The transparent top coat can also be applied directly to unpainted nails for a beautiful shine.

  • Prevents damage to nails and nail polish.
  • Brilliant shine.
  • Dries in just 10 seconds!
  • Refreshes the colour of nail polish.
  • Enriched with silica, vitamin E and nutmeg oil.

Apply a base coat layer to your nails before applying the coloured nail polish. Once the nail polish is dry, add a layer of the WIC Oxy Power Top Coat. 

Want to take extra care of your nails? Use a nourishing nail oil! The Nourishing Nail Oil restores the condition of the nails. The result? Dry and brittle nails will break less quickly.

The Super Shine nail file makes the nail surface extremely smooth helping the nail polish to adhere much better and last longer.


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