WIC Oxy Power Base Coat


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Get off to a great start by using a protective WIC Oxy Power Base Coat. By doing so, you get rid of your stained or discoloured nails and your nail polish will stay looking great for much longer.

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  • Content: 4ml
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The WIC Oxy Power Base Coat ensures that colour pigments from nail polish do not stain the nails and due to special nanotechnology, the nail remains in optimal condition. The base coat has a beautiful shine:  great to use without a coloured polish as well! 

  • Fast drying time.
  • Oxygen permeable.
  • Protects against discolouration. 
  • Enriched with silica, vitamin E and nutmeg oil.

Apply one layer to the nails. Then the coloured nail polish or a French Manicure can be applied. The WIC Oxy Power Base Coat gives a brilliant shine, so you can also use the base coat as a separate polish.

Use the nourishing Cuticle Night Repair ‘Wonderpen’, if you also want to protect your cuticles. The serum restores the condition of your cuticles, making dry and cracked cuticles a thing of the past. To top it off, the added Bisabolol ensures that wounds and inflammations disappear faster.

For an even smoother nail, use the Super Shine nail file first. This file smooths the nail surface so that nail polish adheres better and lasts longer.


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