WIC One Minute Dry Spray


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Finish your painted nails with a protective and nourishing topcoat. With the WIC One Minute Dry Spray, your nails are dry within one minute.

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  • Content: 75ml
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Use the quick-drying spray on freshly painted nails and your nail polish will be hard within one minute. Convenient if you have to continue with your daily work and you don’t want to damage the nail polish. In addition, the WIC One Minute Dry Spray is enriched with olive oil extract and vitamin E that nourishes and conditions the cuticles.

  • Dry and hard nails within one minute.
  • Protects painted nails from damage.
  • Only a small amount is needed.
  • In a handy spray bottle.
  • Enriched with olive oil extract and vitamin E.
  • Gives a brilliant shine.

Spray the quick-drying top coat on your nails at about a 10 cm distance. Wait one minute and your nails will be hard and dry. Note: do not use the WIC One Minute Dry Spray on artificial nails!

Don’t like a top coat in a spray bottle? Then try the Protecting Top Coat and apply a protective layer of polish to your nails. The nail polish will stay beautiful for a long time and will not peel off as a result! 

Did you make a mistake while painting your nails? With the Corrector Pen you can easily correct small mistakes. The remover stick contains a mild, acetone-free nail polish remover, so it won’t dry out the skin around your nails.


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