Vivid Vista Collection


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Introducing the Vivid Vista Collection – an enchanting array of nail polish hues that evoke a sense of vibrant beauty and picturesque landscapes.

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  • Content: 6*4ml

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The set includes 6 of Herome’s top-selling nail polishes, each bursting with intense, vibrant colours that create a stunning panorama. From radiant blues to lush greens and exotic spices, these shades offer a sensory journey through nature’s most striking scenes. Suitable for all skin tones, this collection can be worn on both natural and artificial nails.

  • Nourishes the nails and has a soothing effect
  • Suitable for all nail types
  • Enriched with silica, vitamin E, and panthenol
  • High-quality and breathable
  • Paint your nails at least 10 times with just one bottle
  • Convenient (travel) size.

First, clean your nails with a Caring Nail Polish Remover and apply a base coat. Then use your favourite colour polish and let your nails dry. Next, apply a top coat to your painted nails for extra protection and a beautiful shine. Wait 10 seconds and your nails are ready to go.

Mix and match the various Take Away Nail Colours! Add a playful twist by pairing blue and yellow as complementary shades. Don’t forget: store the nail polish in your car or handbag for a convenient way to give your nails a colourful touch anytime.

For perfectly shaped nails anywhere, use the Glass Nail File Travelsize. The special structure of the glass file helps ensure the nail plates stay together perfectly and prevents air from getting underneath.


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