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Within one minute, achieve glossy nails without the use of nail polish! The Super Shine creates a polished, more natural look in just two simple steps!

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Without the use of polish, this file gives the nails a long-lasting shine. The nail file also smoothens out the nail’s surface, an effect that lasts longer than regular nail polish. Do you have an occupation that does not allow you to wear nail polish? Then this nail file is for you! Without nail polish, you can still create a long-lasting, beautifully natural shine.

Herome Super Shine USP’s

• Revolutionary two-step system
• Super fast results: within just one minute, create glossy nails without the use of nail polish!
• Natural, long-lasting results
• Gives nails a healthy-looking shine
• Beautiful nails without nail polish
• Makes the surface of nails smoother; nail polish lasts longer in combination with the Super Shine
• Very flexible and easy to use
• Easily washable – nail file lasts longer
• Stimulates blood flow to the nail bed which increases nail growth

Recommended in combination with…

After using the Super Shine, apply the Natural Nail Whitener to give your nails the “wow factor”! A French Manicure has never been easier with just these two products!

Instructions for Use

The blue section of the file should be used to file the nails’ surface, whilst the white side of the file can be used to create the super shine!
Step 1
The blue section of the file should be used to file the nails’ surface. Please note that this step should only be followed once a month, as otherwise the nails risk becoming too thin.
Step 2
Using the white side of the file, remove any dead skin cells from the nail plate and create a beautiful shine on the nails.


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