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Do your nails always get damaged so quickly after painting? Try the Spray On Top Coat for great protection and you will have dry nails within one minute!

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With the Spray on Top Coat you can easily spray a protective layer on your nails. Within one minute your nails are dry, hard and shiny so you can enjoy your painted nails for a longer time.

  • Protects painted nails from damage.
  • For a long-lasting effect.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dries in one minute.
  • In a convenient spray bottle.

Apply the Spray On Top Coat immediately after painting the nails. Spray from a 10 cm distance. After one minute your nails will be protected and dry. The spray should not be used between two layers of nail polish. 

Always use a protective base coat before applying coloured polish. The Ridge Filling Base Coat seals the nail and ensures that colour pigments do not stain the nail.

Would you rather paint than spray? With the Protecting Top Coat you apply a protective layer to your nails so that your nail polish does not peel off.


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