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A torn nail? With the SOS Nail Repair you can quickly and easily repair torn nails; all by yourself!

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Whether there is a crack in the edge of the nail or nail plate: the SOS Nail Repair is the perfect solution. By simply gluing your torn nail, your nails will stay nice and long.

  • The perfect solution for torn nails.
  • Your nail can continue to grow.
  • Your nail stays beautiful and as long as the rest of your nails.
  • After 90 seconds, the glue is dry and you can apply nail polish to the nail.
  • Includes a handy brush.
  • With safety closure that prevents the glue from drying out.

Step 1: clean your nails with a Caring Nail Polish Remover.

Step 2: apply one drop of glue to the crack of your nail, let it dry for 90 seconds and press the nail together if necessary.

Step 3: use the included mini shiner: a nail file to brush away glue residue.

Result: the nail will not rip any further, can continue to grow, and remains beautiful!

Make sure you moisturize your nails well with nail oil. This keeps the nail flexible and reduces the risk of cracks.

With one of the Herome nail hardeners, you can create long and strong nails. By applying a protective layer to your nails, you prevent the nail from tearing.


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