SOS Nail Repair


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Bring an end to broken nails with the Herome SOS Nail Repair!

  • Product does what it promises
  • Efficacy investigated and proven
  • Free returns within 14 days


Whether there is a tear in the edge of the nail or in the nail plate, the SOS Nail Repair offers the perfect solution for both problems. It works by simply glueing your torn nail together so you can maintain longer nails for as long as possible.

Herome SOS Nail Repair USP’s

• The solution for torn nails!
• Nails can continue to grow
• Nails stay as beautiful and as long as the other nails
• After just 90 seconds, the nails can be decorated
• Handy brush
• Safety closure prevents bottle from drying out

Instructions for use

Step 1: Clean your nails with Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover.
Step 2: Apply 1 drop of glue to the tear in your nail, allow it to dry for 90 seconds and press the nail together if necessary.
Step 3: Use the included mini-shiner to remove any glue residue.
Result: The nail should not tear any further; grow and stays longer!

Additional information

Weight 0028 kg
Dimensions 20 × 90 × 45 cm







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