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Happy feet for everyone! The Refreshing Foot Spray soothes the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and relieves that fatigued feeling in the legs and feet.

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The Refreshing Foot Spray has been specially developed to treat tired and swollen feet and legs. By stimulating blood flow, the feeling of fatigue is relieved in no time!  The spray soothes and prevents claudication. Ideal to use if you have a strenuous day ahead or have to stand a lot for work.  The spray also prevents heavy legs and swollen ankles when you have to stay seated for a prolonged period of time. Great for when you have to sit in an aeroplane for hours! Apply the foot spray before and during the trip.

  • Stimulates blood flow.
  • Provides immediate cooling, but also has a preventive effect.
  • Reduces perspiration and prevents perspiration odour.
  • Absorbs quickly and gives a fresh feeling.
  • Perfect addition to your daily foot care.
  • Ideal for people with ‘standing’ professions: shop staff, hairdressers, flight attendants, hostesses, etc. but also to prepare for a day of shopping or an evening of dancing.
  • Also suitable for use during pregnancy.

After a shower or bath, dry the feet and toes thoroughly. Before getting dressed, apply the Refreshing Foot Spray to the feet and between the toes from around 15 centimetres distance. Let it soak in for a while and then you can put on clean socks or stockings. Use daily for optimal results.

For instant relief, the foot spray can also be applied over your tights during the day. The spray has a mild scent, so it is also suitable for men.

During a tiring day, take a few minutes for a short leg massage to relieve fatigue. Massage from the foot to just above the knees to regain some needed energy.

Do you suffer from dry skin on the feet and heels? With the Chapped Skin Foot Cream you take care of dry skin and nourish it intensively. Use the Pedicure Glass File beforehand, so that the foot cream absorbs better, and the skin can recover quickly.


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