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The Herome Princess Nail File is great for little princesses who want to keep their nails stylish and well-groomed. 

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The pretty nail fine is specially designed for the delicate hands of little princesses. It’s soft and safe, making nail care fun and easy. 

  • Soft and gentle for sensitive little hands 
  • 100% safe to use 
  • Adorable pink design 
  • Fun and enjoyable experience 

Preparation: Make sure the nails are clean and dry before you begin. 

Gentle Movements: File gently and with soft strokes along the edges of the nail. Avoid applying too much pressure to prevent nail damage. 

Under Supervision: Let children use the nail file under the supervision of an adult, especially if they are young and inexperienced. 

To achieve the best results with the Herome Princess Nail File, we recommend filing with care and patience. Position the file at a 45-degree angle under the edge of the nail and move it with gentle, smooth strokes towards the center of the nail. Avoid sawing motions, as they can damage the nail. 

Complete the princess experience by combining the Herome Princess Nail File with our Princess Nail Polish “I am Sweet.” This water-based nail polish not only has an enchanting colour, but is also entirely safe for children’s nails. 


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