Perfect Nail Contour ‘White or Without’


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This polish accentuates, hardens and protects the nails; for a fresh and natural look. Get your pearly, white nail edges in no time!

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The white contour edge of the nails will be accentuated, giving your nails a pearly white nail edge. If one or more nails are slightly shorter, this can be solved by applying the polish slightly wider on the short nail. The Perfect Nail Contour ‘White or Without’ also protects and hardens the nail edges, making them less likely to crack or break.

  • For pearly white nail edges.
  • Protects and hardens the natural white.
  • Gives split or broken nails a camouflaged white edge.
  • Has a firming effect.
  • Gives the impression that the nail is longer. 

Remove all nail polish and degrease your nails first with a Nourishing Nail Polish Remover. Apply the Ridge Filling Base Coat as a base and put a thin layer of the ‘White or Without’ on the nail edges. Let it dry properly. The result: beautiful nails with pearly white nail edges.

Do you want to enjoy your nail polish for longer? Always use a protective top coat to ensure the colour stays beautiful and to prevent cracks. 

Use the Nail Stencils for super tight white nail edges. A handy tool to create the perfect French Manicure yourself!


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