Perfect Nail Contour ‘White or Without’


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For fresh white nail tips! This polish accentuates, corrects, hardens and protects nail edges.

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White tips are accentuated, which gives the nails a fresh and polished “natural look”. If one or more of the nails are slightly shorter, this can be easily corrected by widening the white-tip polish on the shorter nails. This product also protects nail edges, which makes them less susceptible to tears and splits.

Herome Perfect Nail Contour ‘White or Without’ USP’s

• For creating white nail tips
• Protects and stains normal nails with a natural white colour
• Gives split or broken nails a camouflaged white-tip
• Strength and polish all in one!
• Creates the illusion of a lengthened nail bed

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Instructions for use

Remove all nail polish and de-grease the nails using the Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover. After using the Herome Ridge Filling Base Coat, apply the “White or Without” layer thinly to the nail tips and allow enough time to dry well. The result? Nails with beautiful white tips!

Additional information

Weight 0055 kg
Dimensions 35 × 135 × 35 cm







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