Perfect Nail Contour ‘Posh & Pearl’


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For chic pearl-coloured nail tips! This polish accentuates, corrects, hardens and protects nail edges. White tips are accentuated, which gives the nails a fresh and polished “natural look”.

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If one or more of the nails are slightly shorter, this can be easily corrected by widening the white-tip polish on the shorter nails. This product also protects nail edges, which makes them less susceptible to tears and splits.

Herome Perfect Nail Contour ‘Posh & Pearl’ USP’s

• For chic pearl-coloured nail tips
• Protects and stains normal nails with a pearly white
• Camouflages split or broken nails with a pearl-coloured border
• Strength and polish all in one!
• Creates the illusion of a lengthened nail bed

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Instructions for use

Remove all nail polish and de-grease the nails using the Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover. After using the Herome Ridge Filling Base Coat, apply the “Posh & Pearl” layer thinly to the nail tips and allow enough time to dry well. The result? Nails with pearl-coloured tips!


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