Organic Try Me Package


We are all responsible for the quality of our earth. That is why we recommend choosing 100% organic beauty products. Herome can lend you a hand with this brand-new set! All products in this set are 100% organic. Experience ultimate happiness with your responsible purchase.

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Organic & Pure Polish Remover Miniature
The remover gently cleanses the nails to prevent dehydration. This allows your nails to retain their elasticity and natural shine. The Organic & Pure Polish Remover is 100% biodegradable. Good for you and for nature! 

Organic & Pure Oil Miniature
Our Organic Oil is the solution for dry and sensitive skin. In addition, the oil helps against stretch marks, scars, ageing spots and fine wrinkles. The oil has a healing effect thanks to ingredients such as Moringa and Almond oil.

Organic & Pure Nail Hardener Miniature
The organic ingredients of our nail hardener improve the vitality of your nails. The nails are also protected against UV radiation. This way you can enjoy healthy, strong and beautiful nails.

Organic & Pure 2 in 1 Base & Top Coat Miniature
The revolutionary formula consists of various natural products such as potato, wheat and corn. Due to this unique formula, the polish can be used as a base and top coat. The basic product for a perfect manicure.

Organic & Pure Cuticle Softener Miniature
The Cuticle Softner pen is enriched with beautiful natural ingredients such as star marine algae, pea extract and almond oil. Together, these ingredients provide optimal care for dry, damaged nails and cuticles. The product is water-based and has a nice floral scent.

Organic & Pure Hand Cream Miniature
Herome’s organic hand cream keeps the skin young and supple. The swiss apple, almond oil and shea butter moisturize and nourish the skin. The Organic Hand Cream absorbs quickly and gives a silky soft feeling.

Each product has its own unique effect. View the user manual to enjoy your Herome products.

Do you often wash or clean your hands? The skin foundation warns for dry or damaged skin. Therefore, protect your hands with a greasy and nourishing hand cream. Then apply the cream properly.


Complete your manicure with Herome’s Glass Nail File. With this professional glass file you can file your nails in shape in a safe way, preventing hooks and splitting nails.


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