Organic & Pure 2 in 1 Base & Top Coat


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Get off to a good start and use a protective base coat before painting your nails. This way you get rid of discoloured nails, and your nail polish will last much longer.

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The Organic & Pure 2 in 1 Base & Top Coat protects the nails against discolouration and prevents damage to the coloured nail polish. The revolutionary formula consists of 84% natural ingredients and has a nourishing effect. 

  • Protects the nail from staining.
  • Enriched with essential oils (Pistacia Resin Oil) for intensive nail care. 
  • Prevents damage to nails and nail polish.

First, clean the nails with the Organic Nail Polish Remover for clean and grease-free nails. Then apply one layer of the base coat. After that, coloured nail polish or a French Manicure can be applied. Finally, use the Organic & Pure top coat.

Do you want to take extra care of your nails? Use a nourishing nail oil. This Organic nail Oil restores the condition of the nails. As a result, dry and brittle nails break less quickly.


Offer your nails extra protection by filing your nails with the Glass Nail File Large. The glass nail file has a special structure so that you can only file the nails from the side towards the centre of the nail. This keeps the nail plates closed and prevents dirt from getting in. 


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