Natural Nails Set


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Enjoy the natural look of your nails with the Nail Care Set Large. It comes complete with some of Herome’s bestsellers for a truly radiant result.

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Glass Nail File Travelsize

The special texture of the glass works to seal off the nail plate so that air cannot penetrate the nail. As a result, your nails will be more resistant to water and dirt. The glass also prevents you from making a sawing motion when filing. That’s because it’s only possible to file from the side of the nail to the centre. Split, broken and damaged nails will soon be a thing of the past.


Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow

Perfectly groomed nails in less than a minute? This glossy polish accentuates the natural pink colour of the nails and makes the nail tips even whiter. It also hides discolouration and gives your nails a beautiful shine. The wow-factor guaranteed! And ideal if you’re short on time!

Ridge Filling Base Coat

The Ridge Filling Base Coat prevents the pigments in your nail polish from discolouring your nails. It also helps to even out any ridges that appear on the nail plate, making your nails look healthier and more beautiful.

Cuticle Night Repair ‘’Wonderpen’’

Damaged cuticles can be incredibly painful and they also have a negative impact on your health. Transform damaged cuticles into ones that are healthy, nourished and properly hydrated. With this Wonderpen, you’ll see a visible result in just 7 days. The special serum, which contains jojoba, almond oil and shea butter, works to repair dry, inflamed and sensitive cuticles while you sleep. Say goodbye to cuts and tears thanks to this cuticle pen. For best results, use the Wonderpen in the evening and the Nourishing Nail Oil in the daytime.

First, file your nails into shape using the Glass Nail File. Always file from the side of the nail to the centre and avoid making a sawing motion. The harder you press, the stronger the effect. Once you have finished, apply some of the Natural Nail Whitener for a wonderfully luminous result. Do you prefer to add a bit of colour? Then start by using the Ridge Filling Base Coat, which prevents pigments in the nail polish from being absorbed into the nail. Once done, apply your favourite colour and as a finishing touch, use the Wonderpen. This helps to prevent you from getting cuts and hangnails. In just seven days, you’ll have well-groomed and healthy cuticles once again.

Don’t clip, just file! This ensures that the nail plate stays sealed and doesn’t split. When clipping, you apply pressure to the nail, which causes it to open. Using a glass nail file, however, is a safer option and prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating the nail plate.

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