Natural Nails Set


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Go for a natural look with the Natural Nails Set. This set is enriched with various Herome bestsellers for a radiant result.

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Strong nails are around the corner with the Natural Nails Set

Glass Nail File Travelsize

Due to the special structure of the glass, the nail plates will remain closed and no air will enter. Your nails will become more resistant to water and dirt. In addition, the glass nail file prevents you from making a sawing movement. The file only makes it possible to file from the side towards the centre of the nail. Say goodbye to split, broken or torn nails! 

Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow

Perfectly groomed nails in one minute? This glossy polish accentuates the natural pink colour of the nail and whitens the nail edges. This polish also camouflages discolorations and gives a brilliant shine. A wow effect guaranteed! Ideal if you don’t have time to paint your nails with a base coat, colour polish and top coat.

Ridge Filling Base Coat

The Ridge Filling Base Coat ensures that coloured nail polish doesn’t stain the nails. In addition, the base coat evens out an uneven or ridged nail plate. The nails become smoother and beautifully even.

Cuticle Night Repair ”Wonder Pen”

Damaged cuticles are extremely painful and have an impact on your health. Turn your damaged cuticles into healthy cuticles that are nourished and hydrated. With this Wonder Pen you have a visible result within 7 days. The serum, which includes jojoba, almond oil and shea butter, restores dry, inflamed and painful cuticles while you sleep. No more wounds or tears thanks to this cuticle pen. Use the Wonder Pen in the evening and the Nourishing Nail Oil during the day for best results.

First, file your nails into shape with the Glass Nail File. Always move the file from the side towards the centre of the nail and be careful not to make a sawing motion. The more pressure you put on the file, the stronger the effect. Then, apply the Natural Nail Whitener for a radiant effect. Prefer a colour polish? Then first apply the Ridge Filling Base Coat. This prevents the coloured nail polish from staining your nails. As a finishing touch, use the Wonder Pen. This prevents painful cuticle cuts. Within 7 days you will have healthy and beautiful cuticles again.

Don’t cut or clip, file! By doing this, you keep the nail plates neatly closed. In addition, you prevent the nails from splitting. Cutting your nails puts pressure on the nail and causes it to open. When using a glass file, water and dirt do not have a chance to penetrate the nail plate and your nails can grow faster and become longer.

Looking for a beautiful nail polish colour to improve your manicure? At Herome you can choose from over 200 colours! From classic red to festive glitter: whatever your style or taste, you will find the right nail polish for every occasion at Herome. 


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