Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow

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Are your nails dull and discolored? Do you not you have the time to paint your nails with a basecoat, color coat and topcoat? Then, use our Herome Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow!

  • Product does what it promises
  • Efficacy investigated and proven
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This nail polish camouflages discoloration in the nail whilst also giving the nails a beautiful glow in just one minute. The polish accentuates the natural pink color in the nail and nail tips appear whiter. Within one minute, the Herome Natural Nail Whitener is dry and highlights your beautifully cared for and polished nails.

Herome Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow USP’s

• Nails appear whiter
• Accentuates the natural pink color of the nail
• Camouflages nail discoloration
• Gives a beautiful, bright shine
• Results within one minute
• Beautiful in combination with the Herome Nail White Pencil

Recommended in combination with…

By using the Super Shine before the Natural Nail Whitener, you can really create the “wow” factor! By using these two products, a beautiful French manicure is at your fingertips.


Leave the Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow in your car and/or handbag so you can always be ready to give your nails a brilliant shine. The handy size makes the product easier to use on the go – you never know if you might find a hole in your tights! You can prevent further tears to your tights by applying the Natural Nail Whitener to the hole.

Instructions for use

Apply one or two layers of polish to camouflage the discoloration. Allow the polish to dry for at least a minute or wait until the polish has dried clear.

Additional information

Weight 0055 kg
Dimensions 35 × 135 × 35 cm






1 review for Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow

  1. samantha.lugthart

    Very easy to apply, natural and classy look and holds very long.

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